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The Lord of Opium (Matteo Alacran #2) by Nancy Farmer

The Lord of Opium - Nancy Farmer

Title: The Lord of Opium
Author: Nancy Farmer
Series: Matteo Alacran #2
Narrator: Raul Espanza
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio on September 3rd 2013
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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PJV Quickie: I am really glad I received this novel via audiobook, Raul Espanza’s narration enhanced the novel in a wonderful way. I was taken in by the bleak, dystopian landscape of a very uniquely woven world created by Nancy Farmer. Espanza’s narration gave that landscape life, bringing it forth in an almost 3D like environment. I really enjoyed both the book and the narration.


Review: The world of Matteo Alacran is a very disturbing future world. The planet has been ravaged by environmental abuse, most of the animal population is extinct and “clean air” is unheard of. The area that was once parts of the United States and Mexico has been divided into territories, controlled by drug lords, specializing in certain drugs. Territories like Marijuana and Opium are a reality and evil drug lords rule their lands like twisted dictators.


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