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THE SHADE OF THE MOON by Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Shade of the Moon - Susan Beth Pfeffer

Title: The Shade of the Moon
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer on August 13th 2013
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Size: 304
Format: ARC
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PJV Quickie: Susan Beth Pfeffer’s much anticipated fourth installment in her “The Last Survivors” series, was highly anticipated by this reader, but unfortunately wasn’t all that I had expected. We ended the third book with hope and the fourth book just crushed that right out of me. I think this fourth book was probably a mistake for the series, I was excited to hear the Pfeffer was writing another Survivors novel, but upon reading it, I was disappointed. The first three books were so good and this one just blew that all to smithereens.


REVIEW: THE SHADE OF THE MOON is from Jon’s point of view, Jon is Miranda’s younger brother and was always shown as a bit selfish in the other three books. While mom and sister are starving to death, Jon is complaining about his food portions. His mom continually sacrificed for him, including right up to the end, but the child never seemed to realize what those sacrifices meant and showed very little gratitude. I’m explaining this to you, because it is what my frame-of-mind was, when I went into this book. Now you have Jon a few years later, in high school and living it up in what is call The Clavers area of his new town. [Read More]

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