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What a Goddess Wants

What a Goddess Wants - Stephanie Julian Sexy as Hell…WHAT A GODDESS WANTS starts out with a bang and titillates the senses from the onslaught of hotness and action. Julian has a fabulous gift with crafting a sexy romance and I’m never disappointed with her writing. If you want a Hot Little Number with just as much plot as sexiness then this is the one you want to grab.Tessa, a forgotten Etruscan Sun goddess is not that content in her life. She’s lost her powers almost a millennia ago and her only comfort left is her job as a midwife for the remaining Etruscans. Another god, also uncomfortable with his lot in life, is determined to break free of the confines of Hell and walk the Earth. Yet, in order to do this he has to gain power. Tessa’s power is his ticket out of Hell. He stalks her dreams, waiting for her to slip far enough into her dreams to be dragged under and her powers ripped from her.To save herself, Tessa runs to one of the darkest warriors of myth, Caligo the Cimmerian. A stand-offish type, Caligo is all male and burned one to many times by a hot goddess to let his guard down…Tessa is not a welcome sight, until he ties her up on his bed and he can’t resist himself. It all goes downhill from there. Caligo and Tessa might be a tad bit over their heads when it comes to each other, but without each other Tessa is doomed…Hot. Hot. Hot. Stephanie Julian will have you blushing but begging for more. Tessa and Caligo are artfully crafted and their romance is definitely of godly proportions. Julian also crafts a wonderful plot around the romance so you are both entertained while romanced. Her Etruscan world is original and well thought out. This is not your everyday erotica romance.Recommended for adults only, graphic sex scenes, language and violence. Fans of paranormal romance should enjoy especially if you like mythological themes.