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Dark Life (Dark Life Series #1)

Dark Life (Dark Life Series #1) - Kat Falls Prepare for a wild ride with this one! I was completely taken by surprise when on a whim when I added this one to my library. DARK LIFE introduced me to a new world teeming with rich imaginings, mystery and fast-paced action. I fell in love with Ty and his underwater world from the moment I finished the first page. This is not one to pass by!After cataclysmic events raised the water levels of the world, a large portion of the human race has taken to live in sky rises. They cram into apartments and small living places, unable to farm or own land. Pioneers and wanna-be land owners have found their new frontiers at the bottom of the ocean. You can own land underneath the ocean, have room to grow and start a family and even own livestock. Yet, like all unknowns, undersea dwellers are thought odd to the people that reside Topside. Their unknown world is suspect and they are lorded over by the Topside government, forced to provide food for the people above in exchange for oxygen.Ty’s dream is two own his own plot of land and it is almost available to him. In a few short years he will be old enough to strike out on his own and form his own homestead. He was born under the sea, the first and this is his home. He can barely withstand surfacing for a few hours for trade. Especially when the Topside people look at him oddly, his pale glowing skin an oddity above, but normal below because of the diet they subsist on. During one of Ty’s explorations he comes upon a girl from Topside in search of her brother and his life will never be the same. They are quickly fleeing form a band of Outlaws that are threatening the underwater way of life. Together with his new friend, they must search for her brother and at the same time discover who these outlaws are and how they are tied to her brother before Topside government shuts them down permanently. Richly unique and captivating, you’ll be sucked underwater with this one and not want to break the surface until you are done. Ty and his world are a multi-layered mystery that you get to peel back bit by bit and savor each piece as you read more. I couldn’t get enough of DARK LIFE and can’t wait to read RIP TIDE.Recommended for fans of young adult dystopian and science fiction. This is not similar to anything I’ve read in a long time so it is hard to do comparisons.