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Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #3)

Forever - Maggie Stiefvater FOREVER BY MAGGIE STIEFVATERThis really pains me, but I did not enjoy FOREVER. This is a book that I have been looking forward to reading for a year. One year and ten days actually. So, I should have just powered through it…loved on it, rolled within the pages and then lamented on the end of an era. Sadly though, it was not to be. I actually had a hard time finishing this one? Don’t hate me, but it’s true. Stiefvater’s token prose actually grated on me and her descriptions dragged instead of titillated. I was literally yawning through the first 100 pages and forcing myself to just finish – hoping for redemption. Grace is a wolf and Sam is left behind as a human with Cole St. Clair and Isabel. Sam is a bit down and out because of his girlfriend being stuck in a four-legged state and the fact that everyone in town thinks he killed her. Cole St. Clair is busy dealing with his new “unstar” state and a slight obsession with Isabel and the fact that he is pretty sure his brain can whip up a cure for their werewolf. Then there is Isabel, who finds out her father is calling in the big guns to hunt down the wolves and when one wolf kills again – the townspeople will do anything to support him even round up some helicopters and sharp shooters. Will the trio be able to save the wolves in time? Will they be able to work together long enough to even come up with a plan?This physically hurts me to write this review but I actually felt that Sam was a moping mess most of this book and I literally wanted to scream “Get your head out of your butt emo boy!” Then the Cole and Isabel dynamic was trying. I really felt that the first 100 pages were just a big sobbing mess of descriptions and angsty lamenting about how their life sucks. Then when the action did pick up and a certain minor but featured character dies off – there was very little reaction. Then swoosh into the action and it rolled right into the ending. Then there was the ending. I just felt deflated it was anti-climatic. Where was the wrap-up? Was I missing something? I felt like through this entire book nothing was accomplished! I’m having an urge to rant – and please feel free to let me know if you feel the same way. I guess to describe my overall feeling would be let-down. This should have been epic. This should have been the culmination of a three year journey. I should have rejoiced in two of my favorite character’s HEA – yet, I felt all I found was new characters with the same name. A new emo boy with drama queen tendencies and a detached and rather non-existent werewolf girl. I am sad. This is me being sad.Recommended only for fans of the series and it should be read in order.